An aviation finance professional, Manuel Rivero Jr. has nearly 20 years of experience. His career began in 1993 when he joined Coral Gables Professional, Inc. In this position, his responsibilities included the provision of taxation and accounting services for clients in South Florida, an area of which Manuel Rivero Jr. is a longtime resident. He has also traveled to parts of Central and South America, where he provided training in U.S. tax compliance for clients of Coral Gables Professional. In 1997, Mr. Rivero moved on and opened his own financial consulting firm, Rivero & Associates, LLP. In operation for nearly 15 years, the firm provided financial services to domestic and international clients in the aviation industry. As an Accountant and Consultant, Manuel Rivero Jr. prepared financial analysis and compliance reports for his clients, and he performed tax compliance audits and research for aviation professionals.In September of 2011, Manuel Rivero Jr. became a Management Executive with Airstream Services Corporation, which provides financial expertise and professional consulting to the aviation industry. His responsibilities include developing retirement packages for clients as well as implementing new payroll software. His many years of experience in aviation finance have prepared him well for this interesting position. Beyond experience, Mr. Rivero’s education has also benefited his career. He received both his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and his Master of Science in Taxation from Florida International University in Coral Gables, Florida. An individual of many interests, Manuel Rivero Jr. is a classic car collector and appreciates books by author James Patterson. He is fluent in Spanish and enjoys travel and playing basketball.


Florida International University


Jan 1994 - Jan 1996 | Coral Gables, FL



Airstream Services Corporation

Executive Management

Sep 2011 - Present | Coral Gables

• Executive management of all employees • Implement and execute retirement plans for clients • Implement new payroll software • Oversee appropriate implementation of insurance guidelines

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